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Do You Diagnose Your Time Use?

🫣 When I was young, my BIGGEST problem was…laziness!

🥺 I grew up in a home with limited financial resources, went to hostile schools, and lived in a lower middle class neighborhood. I knew I wanted OUT!

🤔 But l also knew deep down (although I couldn’t voice it at the time) that if I wanted to change my environment, I was going to have to change the programming inside of me.

🛐 I prayed for God to give me the solution.

📚 Then I found myself in a junior high school library filled with answers to everything under the sun!

💡I read Think & Grow Rich, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The Purpose Driven Life, As a Man Thinketh, Many Lives, Many Masters, The Celestine Prophecy, and much, much more!

🤯 The RESULT? I began to take ownership of my laziness, my TIME USE, and all the little things that add up to my results (successes and failures).

🧐I gained clarity and focus on who I was and what I wanted. Then I started doing the WORK to change myself (inside & out).

🫵 YOU can change too!

At 13, I knew I wanted to become a lawyer. That vision I had for myself was almost achieved when I graduated from law school in 2018. (More on that story later.)

🤝 My name is John Tanner, and I am the co-founder of The Entrefluential Life, a personal development brand.

If what you’ve seen here resonated with you, it’s for a reason – we were meant to connect. I want to be your mentor, your teacher, your advisor, and your friend.

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