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The Entrefluential Life: Season 2, Episode 35. Six Supplemental Income Strategies for Small Business Owners

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Supplemental Income Strategies for Small Business Owners

Want to Earn Mailbox Money?!
(You know, passive income.)

🥚 You’ve probably heard the old saying, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” right?

Well, the same holds true for income 💰 streams. Fortunately, for us, in today’s digital economy, it’s easier than ever to create multiple pillars of income! And all you need is a 📲 + 📋 and a plan of action.

📼 This video highlights the concept of making money via (1) affiliate sales and (2) affiliate partners. To register for the full 6-week course, go here and select the “Supplemental Income Strategies” button 👇

🍿 Enjoy the show!


BTW, if you’d like a free digital copy of our forthcoming book, The 10 Pillars of Entrefluential Success, send us an 📩 with “10 Pillars Book” in the subject line to:

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Supplemental Income Strategies & Tactics for Entrepreneurs, Rainmakers, and Salespeople (S.I.S.T.E.R.S.)

Imagine having supplemental income streams inside of your business that help you thrive despite having a bad month in the sale of your standard products and/or services.

I’ve yearned for this since I began studying real estate sales in 1994 because it is a 100% commission only job. My pain then & now has been, “how do I pay my bills if I don’t close any deals this month?” I’ve lived in feast or famine mode for three decades and (being the slow learner that I am) it has taken me forever to assimilate supplemental income strategies.

Well, the time has come where I have a hold on six strategies & tactics to earn income despite whether or not a sell or lease real estate and I’m sharing them with you. The following infographic illustrates a bird’s eye view – I hope it opens your mind to consider how these can be “sister” income streams in your business. For a deep dive, I’m creating a six week course that will expand on this topic. (I’ll share a link to it when it is ready.)

I hope that by sharing this infographic, you become empowered to improve your finances in your business. Please share this blog post with any entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners whom you think would benefit from it. Thanks so much!

Yours in success,


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Additional Revenue Generators for Real Estate Agents & Brokers

Check out this new video I made describing revenue generator #1:

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