Professional Entrepreneur Network

How many social networking groups do you belong to?

Are you a member of any Facebook™ Groups or Meetups?

Do you meet in person or only online? How often?

There’s a saying in business by Jim Rohn, “you’ve gotta circulate to percolate.”

If you want to attract more business, you need to make it a routine to get out of the office or your home and meet with people.

Social groups are a fantastic way to network with like-minded individuals, to exchange ideas, share synergies, develop personal friendships that will define you and the other parties, and increase momentum in your personal and professional development in many facets.

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin invented networking groups?

At the ripe young age of 21, he created a group called Junto, in which meetings were structured around 24 questions crafted by Benjamin Franklin to facilitate conversations.

members met regularly and came from a variety of trades, disciplines and backgrounds to discuss a wide range of personal, community, business and intellectual topics. It was an effective venue for formalizing the exchange of ideas and initiating beneficial change. 


It is clear that networking groups are effective since they have grown internationally over the past 300 years.

In reality, networking is embedded in our DNA. It goes back to our early huddles around the campfires where elders shared stories to educate members of their tribes.

It was the place where tribal leaders could persuade, inform, and entertain (PIE) their audiences.

And it is a platform that you can use in broadcasting your brand message too.

When I was a young man, I almost always loved making connections whenever I went to a party or other social gathering. It was both terrifying and exhilarating! Once I broke through my initial shyness and self-doubt, I would find myself engaged in an energetic conversation with strangers. I began to appreciate that I had inherited my mother’s connectivity skills and was, like her, a social butterfly.

Did you know that you could add value by teaching others how to do something that you are really good at – and that they can teach you how to do something that they are really good at?

This concept of skill bartering is at the core of professional services networking. Yes, we all welcome a referral from someone in our sphere of influence. But, there is so much more to gain from participating in networking groups.

Over the past five years I conducted research on marketing while I attended law school, then focused my energy on extensive research on the subtopic of network marketing over the past year while writing a book about networking and a new concept I call the synaptic bridge theory of networking, which will be published on the first of September, 2020 (link coming soon).   

I am fascinated with the myriad opportunities that exist in networking and something that is lacking among my personal favorites, the real estate and legal communities,  are dinner parties. Thus, I decided to create it myself.

The plan for my new tribe is simple – the Professional Entrepreneur Network – would be centered around the dining table, where educated people would get to know, like, and trust me one another, enough to barter skills, provide referrals to each other,  and to their friends and family, whenever there was a need of one’s services.

Since I am opening real estate offices across the major cities in Florida, I am likewise opening PEN networking groups in these cities so that my agents can host dinner parties and help others from our trades get connected to interesting people (high performers from other trades) to:

  • discover emerging trends by discussing the remote environment,
  • find synergies among our businesses (such as joint ventures),
  • share knowledge by having guest speakers educate us on their expertise,
  • develop friendships, and
  • have fun!

If you have your own business or are a professional services entrepreneur, we want to meet you.

Membership into the PEN is by invitation only, so you will need a password from your host to join our groups.

If you are interested in becoming a host of our networking events, please send me an email at and briefly describe your entrepreneurial work, and tell me how you would host your first PEN meeting.

Thank you for visiting this page and I hope to see you inside our networking events.



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