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The Entrefluential Life Podcast, Episode 8, with Special Guest, Attorney Charles Vega

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Emotions: A Blessing and a Curse

A Blessing

Isn’t it nice to feel appreciated, to be loved?

A Curse

But the pain of losing a loved one is almost unbearable, it aches inside of your soul, clouds your mind, and casts a cloud over your countenance.

I looked inside of my own pain this morning and realized that what we experience is but one Polaroid Picture in the billions and billions of pictures in the mind of God.

Thus, I realize how I have it much easier than Him. So, I move to change my perspective while wiping away my tears.

Better to have loved, then lost, than to never have loved at all? That’s debatable, depending on which side of the emotional equation you are standing on.

Life is like a circle, with ups and downs. When you are standing on the down side, it hurts. Remember: “This, too, shall pass.”

May God bless you and comfort you.

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Social Status = Influence

If you want instant influence, then learn how to help people improve their social status.

The only thing that persuades people to move toward you or from you is their presumption to whether or not you will increase their status or decrease it.

Most of our decisions throughout life are tied to how we perceive ourselves and how others will perceive us. Think about the following status symbols:

Harvard degree = intelligence

Rolex watch = style

Oceanfront estate = wealth

Washboard abs = healthy lifestyle

Business owner = power

Family vacations = happiness

From the clothing brands we wear to the cars we drive, the schools we send our kids to, and the neighborhoods we live in, from the companies we work for to the places we go to on vacation, all are indicators of social status.

In the book how to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie wrote about liking people.

You can take this a step further by helping people improve their social status.

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The 12 Rules of Success by Earl Nightingale (Narrated by John W. Tanner, J.D.|M.S.)

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New Release: The Entrefluential Podcast, Episode 6 (featuring Carmen Oulahan)

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Announcement: The Entrefluential Life podcast, Episode 6 – tonight at 7:30pm EST.

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New Release: The Entrefluential Marketer ( Mini Business Plan)

How would you like to make more sales? Have you tried using the art of story selling – a.k.a. infotainment – to entice your target audience to buy your products and services? Well, what are you waiting for?

In this mini business plan, we outline the objective, strategy (action steps), amplification methods, and which KPIs to record to track your results while you grow your business. I’d you want to improve your sales and marketing process, then start using The Entrefluential Marketer Sales Journey contained in this mini business plan!

Order Here:

The Entrefluential Marketer

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10 Year Writing Anniversary

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10 Year Anniversary of My Writing Career!

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New Release: The Entrefluential Podcast, Episode 5 (featuring Fabricio Carminati)

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to buy and sell real estate in Europe? Well today we’re pulling back the curtain and revealing the inside scoop from a real estate broker in Nice, France!