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Black Friday Sale: The Entrefluencer Academy

For any aspiring entrepreneur who dreams of starting a business in 2023, our Black Friday special is tastier than turkey! 🦃😉

The foundation of today’s online business 👩🏻‍💻 requires that we utilize media production techniques 🎬 and have multiple pillars of marketing to amplify our message for long-term success and scalability. 🎚️

That’s why we are doubling down 🖥️🖥️ on our black Friday special promotion and giving you two signature programs for the price of one!

Enroll in the 10 pillars of Entrefluential success by November 25th and get Media Production for Entrefluencers for FREE!

👨‍🏫 Classes start January 3rd, enroll now!


Enroll Today and Save!

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Season 1, Episode 27: 4 Simple Changes to Become More Productive at Work

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New Release: The Entrefluential Life Podcast, Episode 26: How to Identify Shoppers With the Best Long-Term Value

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Do You Diagnose Your Time Use?

🫣 When I was young, my BIGGEST problem was…laziness!

🥺 I grew up in a home with limited financial resources, went to hostile schools, and lived in a lower middle class neighborhood. I knew I wanted OUT!

🤔 But l also knew deep down (although I couldn’t voice it at the time) that if I wanted to change my environment, I was going to have to change the programming inside of me.

🛐 I prayed for God to give me the solution.

📚 Then I found myself in a junior high school library filled with answers to everything under the sun!

💡I read Think & Grow Rich, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The Purpose Driven Life, As a Man Thinketh, Many Lives, Many Masters, The Celestine Prophecy, and much, much more!

🤯 The RESULT? I began to take ownership of my laziness, my TIME USE, and all the little things that add up to my results (successes and failures).

🧐I gained clarity and focus on who I was and what I wanted. Then I started doing the WORK to change myself (inside & out).

🫵 YOU can change too!

At 13, I knew I wanted to become a lawyer. That vision I had for myself was almost achieved when I graduated from law school in 2018. (More on that story later.)

🤝 My name is John Tanner, and I am the co-founder of The Entrefluential Life, a personal development brand.

If what you’ve seen here resonated with you, it’s for a reason – we were meant to connect. I want to be your mentor, your teacher, your advisor, and your friend.

Come join my son and I every week for free entrepreneurship and influence (entrefluence) coaching 📲 @theentrefluentiallife as well as 🖥️⌨️ in our FB group and in our 🎙️📺 video podcast.

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Season 1, Episode 25: Can Paid Promotions Kill YouTuber Subscriptions?

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BTS: Home Studio Under Renovation

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New Release: The Entrefluential Life Podcast, Episode 24

Episode 24
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New Release: Episode 23 of The Entrefluential Life

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New Release: The Entrefluential Life, Episode 22

Join me for a weekly dose of physical, mental, spiritual, and Entrefluential advice.

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The Entrefluential Life Podcast, Episode 19