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Bio: My favorite song is "My Way" by Frank Sinatra; it is a good summary of how I have strived to live my life. I've been many things, worn many hats, and have walked in many shoes. I love to listen to music for inspiration, like 80s pop/rock, 90s grunge music, urban country, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Andrea Bocelli, Lara Fabian, Laura Pausini, Lana Del Rey, Ferras, Keiko Matsui, Chris Botti, Michael Buble and many contemporary Christian artists. You're likely to glean some insights into the enigma of my mind if you dare to read my work. But, ye be warned - once you are drawn into my wake, you may not be able to steer your ship out of the current. ;-) Education: AA, BS, MS, Candidate for Juris Doctor (2019)

Do I Need a Home Inspection?

In Florida, home sellers (and their listing agents) are required to disclose any defects that are not readily observable and materially affect the property value. (Ch. 475.2701, F.S.) With that being said, there may be times when certain defects are unknown to … Continue reading

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Self-Promotion: Real Estate Media Creation

Okay, so I have been experimenting with Canva and I love the capabilities for digital & print media. So far I have only used the graphics online, but you could easily print the pdf’s for, let’s say, open house brochures. Here’s … Continue reading

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The 3 Steps of a Real Estate Sale

Step One: Negotiation This is where offer and acceptance of a purchase price are negotiated between a buyer and a seller, the purchase contract is then signed, and the escrow period begins.   Step Two: Due Diligence Here, an escrow account is … Continue reading

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Are You the Leader of the Pack?

I created this digital video commercial for my side business, IREM Agency. What do you think about it? Cheers! John

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Retirement and Relocation: Destination Florida?

Are You Considering Relocation & Retirement in Florida, But Not Sure Where to Start? These 5 Buyer Action Steps can Help Guide You Through the New Construction Home Buying Process. Get Your Lender Pre-Qualification Letter First. Before you start looking for a home, you should know … Continue reading

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There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things” Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince (1513)

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Top 5 U. S. Markets for Hotel Investments in 2014

If you’re considering the purchase of a hotel investment, these 5 cities show positive trends in retail growth, which indicates more discretionary income, and are among the top 15 markets for higher occupancy rates YTD. 1. Los Angeles 2. Houston … Continue reading

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The Dynamic Nature of the Hospitality Industry

Whatever impresses clients today will be considered boring tomorrow. Take an old “Art Deco” hotel and modernize the interior, like this lobby at The Essex House in South Beach, and you will have reinvented yourself for the present time. By … Continue reading

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A hilarious grammar lesson from puppets

A hilarious grammar lesson from puppets.   I’m sharing this because I see these errors all the time! Too funny.

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Cautiously Optimistic Consumers Support Modest Retail Gains; Fed Tapering Will Remain a Wildcard

Originally posted on The Investment Real Estate Research Blog:
August 15, 2013 Retail sales advanced at a tepid pace in July as consumers maintained a cautiously optimistic stance in the face of mixed economic news. Limited risk tolerance and fragile…

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