Above the Sea
By John W. Tanner

From the decks of Delila
To the piers of Chateau d’If
Simply smooth sailing
With the crests of waves at our feet.
And in a distance
Are the white-sanded shores
Covered from coast to coast
By the palm trees we adore.
Oh what a sight for a sailor’s sore eyes.
Oh what a difference from the view of treacherous tides.
Oh but what a task, to distinguish a beauty in disguise,
Shielded by her mask with the suppression of a spy.
Completely unaware of the danger,
And with a force of expedient pull,
I plunge into the water
And take the image of a fool.
Dashing in despair,
just when I’m almost there,
A sudden pull of gravity,
I see nothing but a glare.
His claws are now upon me,
dragging me to where I’ll dwell.
I can feel the heat coming,
the sentence for me is hell.
Oh Lord, my eyes are misleading.
Why torture me this way?
My angel is upon me.
Was death for me delayed?
Questioning not Your authority,
I took amazement to this view.
Redeemed my honor and glory,
I would have lost it all for you.


Thinking of You

Thinking of you is my greatest reward. You bring me more pleasure than life can afford. Your sensuous voice is the most loving I’ve heard, it captures my heart with each precious word. I find myself soaring high into the sky – as I dream of being with you every night. Will I be in your arms when destiny unfolds? Hug me, kiss me, let me know.

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