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About Coleman Tanner Realty

Who are your ideal customers and who are your YouTube channels, websites, memberships, workshops and seminars/webinars for?

Buyers, Sellers, Landlords, & Tenants of real estate; degreed and/or licensed professional entrepreneurs; business owners, real estate investors & agents; and anyone who is aspiring to achieve financial freedom through entrepreneurship and real estate investing!

What problems do you solve?

We help ladies and gentlemen buy, sell, or lease real estate and we teach real estate entrepreneurs to build “entrefluence” in their business life by learning creative communication skills to amplify their message; we help them build “passive income” via innovative real estate investment strategies and teach them skills to find new ways to grow their r/e investment portfolios; and we work as their consultants to show them how to simplify their workflows, improve NOI via avant-garde technologies and emerging trends, and to embrace economies of scale to reduce their Op Ex, and more!

How are you different from your competitors?

We take entrepreneurship, add a cup of influencer strategy, plus a dash of charm, a sprinkle of wittiness, and bake it in a Ritz-Carlton “ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen” pan inside of a social oven (social media) of like-minded people (tribes) with similar values. Then we add a side of expert training (guest speakers) to add flavor (value) to the plate.

Why should someone follow you or subscribe to your channels?

To have a unique opportunity to learn new business, marketing, and influence-building skills (public relations) to amplify their message (entrefluence) and become part of a growing tribe of international investors (entrefluencer club), taught by a guide who’s doing this to improve his own real estate brokerage business and investment portfolio. (That’s me!) 🤵‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️☺️🙏


John holds four degrees and two decades of technical education, and has extensive experience in the fields of real estate property valuation, mortgage finance, and home sales, and is the Broker-Owner of Coleman Tanner Realty 🏡 in Florida. John was recently admitted into the NYU film school’s 1-year online certificate program in Film & TV Essentials, as well as completed the 14-Day Filmmaker Academy by the modern tv commercial experts, Paul Xavier and Anthony Gallo. 🎥 He plans on shooting social media video commercials that documents and highlights the journey to success of many high performance attorney entrepreneurs, as well as lead an in-house film production company for his real estate practice, Coleman Tanner Realty. 🎬 Lastly, John aspires to self-produce independent films that will be a hybrid of the “film noir, murder mystery genre” and something new, futuristic, and aesthetically appealing to modern day film enthusiasts. (Ladies, he also enjoys romantic comedies and dramas too, - and he wrote a romantic novella titled Faithfully (available on Amazon) - so stay tuned!) When he’s not 🖥 online studying film production and marketing techniques, or watching movies and TV shows on the tube 📺 for inspiration, 🎼John also enjoys playing the guitar 🎸 and piano 🎹 in his free time.